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  • For the purposes of these General Conditions, TDE Srl, which resides in Italy, is intended as "Service Provider"
  • For the purposes of these General Conditions, "Customer" means anyone using the Services offered by TDE Srl.
  • For the purposes of these General Conditions, "Services" means the sale and exchange of virtual currency services as well as the mining, acquiring and consulting activities provided by TDE Srl.


Scope of  The performance of the Services by TDE Srl. Is governed by these General Conditions, as well as, for what is not expressly provided for and where applicable, by the applicable laws in force with particular reference to trade electronic.
For the purposes of these General Conditions, the possible ones are intended to be fully recalled information and any data concerning the characteristics and technical specifications of the Services communicated by the Supplier and / or contained in other digital media or similar documents of TDE Srl.
At the time of conclusion of the contract, therefore, the Customer expressly declares to to know and accept these General Conditions, as well as the any information and any data regarding the characteristics and technical specifications of the Services communicated by the Supplier and / or contained in other digital media or similar documents of TDE Srl.
These General Conditions may be in any moment printed or downloaded by the Customer on his PC

Object of the services  The Services performed by the Supplier relate to the exchange, sending and receiving of virtual currency and the mining (extraction or generation) of said cryptocurrencies.

Typical risks of the service  What are virtual currencies: in paragraph 2, lett. ff) of Legislative Decree 21 November 2007, n. 231, the virtual currency is defined as “the digital representation of value, not issued by a central bank or authority public, not necessarily connected to a currency having legal tender, used as a means of exchange for the purchase of goods and services and transferred, stored and negotiated electronically ". Although each virtual currency has its own operating mechanisms, most of them has the following characteristics:

  • they are created by a private broadcaster or, in general, by users who use highly sophisticated software
  • they are not physically held by the user, but are moved through an account custom known as "e-wallet" (so-called "e-wallet"), which can be save on your computer or smartphone, or that can be consulted via the internet, and which is accessed through a password. These electronic wallets are generally software, developed and supplied by special subjects (so-called "wallet providers")
  • there are exchange platforms, which offer the service of conversion of virtual currencies into currency with legal tender
  • can be purchased with traditional currency on an exchange platform or received online directly from someone who owns them
  • they can be used to make purchases from businesses or people who accept virtual currencies in payment, to make remittances in favor of other subjects holders of portfolios of virtual currencies, as well as being converted into legal tender
  • the transactions through which they are transferred are technically irreversible (ie: one once the transaction has been made it is not possible to ask for it to be canceled).


For more information, please refer to the Bank of Italy document of 30 January 2015 called "Warning on the use of so-called" virtual currencies "" and available on the website www.bancaditalia.it, as well as the document of the European Banking Authority of 4 July 2014 called "EBA Opinion on Virtual Currencies" and available on the website www.eba.europa.eu. Typical risks related to the use of virtual currencies: in this regard, please refer to the aforementioned document of Bank of Italy dated 30 January 2015 called "Warning on the use of so-called" currencies virtual media "" (available on the website www.bancaditalia.it) and, in particular, in the paragraphs to which it refers "Why a warning for users?" And "Why is it risky to use virtual currencies?".

Typical risks in the use of virtual currencies: the conversion of euros into virtual currency is subject to to the risk related to the fluctuation of the exchange rate which, given the particularity of the regime of cryptocurrency circulation, can vary countless times in even a minimal amount of time. In fact, the value of virtual currencies is characterized by great volatility, also due to the price formation mechanisms and the absence of a central authority able to intervene for stabilize its value. This circumstance may also result in significant losses in the event of holding of virtual currency. Furthermore, there is the risk of permanent loss of currency due to possible attacks IT or system malfunctions related to currency conversion and / or conservation. The risks briefly indicated above are the most common and known ones; this does not alter the use of currencies virtual data can expose the user to further risks, also deriving from the characteristics of the specific virtual currency used. Moreover, the phenomenon is subject to rapid evolution and it is possible that virtual currencies of the last generation also present additional risks compared to those illustrated.

Registration First of all, the Customer must register on the Supplier's portal with his own and personal account, following the instructions provided. The Customer is the sole and exclusive responsible for the correctness and truthfulness of the data provided in registration office. Once the registration is successful, the Customer can proceed to enter his own personal data requested in the special reserved area within your account, following the instructions provided. Once the system has verified the personal data entered as correct the Customer (who will have received a specific e-mail from the Supplier at the address e-mail address indicated during registration) can proceed to use the services offered by the portal.

Expenses and commissions in sending or receiving cryptomains of the same type, a commission of 0.30% is applied to the amount of the transaction in addition to those automatically applied by the Blockchain. The fees applied by the blockchain are of the order of 0.0002 (cryptomoneta) per Kbyte of transaction weight and this regardless of the value sent. Not being able to define the weight of a transaction in advance it is not possible to calculate in advance the amount of commission applied by the blockchain.
For the interchange between different cryptocurrencies a commission of 0% is applied on the value of the transaction itself.
No commission is charged for the purchase of Talentocoin or Talentocash or Talent against Euro.
A 3% commission is charged for the purchase of different cryptocurrencies against the Euro
A 3% commission is applied to the sale of cryptocurrencies in exchange for Euros.

Taxation It is understood that any taxes due in relation to transactions connected to the Service are at the sole expense of the Customer. In this context, TDE Srl does not offer any services advice on the applicable taxation regime.

Right of withdrawal There is no right of withdrawal in all operations of sending, receiving and buying cryptocurrency as well as contracts or mining activities. Therefore, the Customer is aware and expressly accepts that there is no favor in his favor right of withdrawal once a transaction and / or contract has been concluded.

Communications and complaints The processing of the order and the transmission of the information referred to in the previous articles takes place either through the output in the browser is by e-mail to the address indicated by the Customer during registration. The Customer, therefore, will take care to check that the e-mail address indicated is correct and that the receipt of the mail is insured (and, in particular, that it is not impeded by filters SPAM), not assuming the Supplier any responsibility in this regard.

IMPORTANT WARNING: the Customer will take care of modifying and updating the data entered in your account and in your personal area in the event of changes to them. Any communications and / or complaints should be sent to the email support@TalentoPay.com

Supplier's reservation The Supplier always reserves the unquestionable right to deny the Customer the registration on its portal and the execution of orders even after the recording. In this sense, the Customer cannot claim any claim against the Supplier for the execution of the Services, even if the registration was successfully completed.

Express termination clause In the event that, once the order is confirmed, the Customer fails to pay the sum to be converted into virtual currency within 10 days, the contract will be terminated due to fact and fault of the Customer when the Supplier has communicated via e-mail to the Customer who intends to make use of it of the termination clause.

Responsibilities of the parties The Supplier is not responsible for any damage caused to the Customer and due to third party conduct parts or system malfunctions not reasonably foreseeable and not otherwise avoidable with due diligence.

The Supplier is not responsible for any damage caused to the Customer due to the error indication of the data requested by the Customer.

The Supplier is not responsible for any damage caused to the Customer and due to measures of the Public Authority which came into force as a result of the contract and which determine a change of supply of the Services subject to the contract or prevent their execution.

Major force Each party will have the right to suspend the execution of its contractual obligations in the when execution is made impossible or unreasonably burdensome by a unforeseeable impediment independent of his will, such as, for example, and merely by title example: strike, boycott, lockout, fire, war (declared or not), civil war, riots or revolutions, requisitions, embargoes, power outages, delays in delivery of components or raw materials.
The party wishing to make use of this clause must immediately notify registered to the other the occurrence and termination of the circumstances constituting the force majeure. If the circumstances of force majeure persist for a period exceeding 14 days, each party will have the right to terminate the contract by written communication to be sent to the other part.

Rules applicable to the contract The parties expressly provide that the law is applicable to the services contract in force on the subject, except as provided by the mandatory rules to protect the consumer.

Jurisdiction  For any dispute concerning the execution or interpretation of the Services contract, the parties expressly provide for the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Potenza - Italy, except for any different Court of the consumer, for which the mandatory jurisdiction is of the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if located in the Italian territory.

Processing of personal data The Supplier will process the Customer's personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation and in accordance with the provisions of the information to come submitted to the Customer during registration. The information will always be available for consultation, printing and downloadable by the Customer at any time by accessing the relevant link on the Supplier's portal.

Final provisions The ineffectiveness, invalidity and / or inapplicability of some provisions of these Conditions Generali does not affect the effectiveness of the other provisions. The parties undertake to replace one ineffective or invalid provision with an effective and valid provision that comes close original intent from an economic point of view. The same applies to the missing provisions. Any changes and / or additions to these General Conditions must be approved in writing by the parties. Email exchange does not supplement the form requirement written. The oral agreements are ineffective. Failure by one of the parties to exercise any right or faculty guaranteed by the law or these General Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such rights and faculties.